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ELNA 830 izšūšanas mašīna Jaunums !

ELNA 830 izšūšanas mašīna Jaunums !

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Apraksts: ELNA 830 izšūšanas mašīna Jaunums !

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Embellish and Personalize Explore your creative side with Elna's most advanced embroidery-only machine, the Elna eXpressive 830. This innovative embroidery machine makes it easy to personalize, embellish and monogram home décor items, garments and accessories. With 160 built-in designs and 6 fonts for monogramming, designers can customize home décor, monogram bags and t-shirts and create beautiful towels to go in a kitchen or bathroom. The possibilities are endless and designers can reflect their personal sense of style with this machine. The variety of hoops that come with the eXpressive 830 make it versatile for a large variety of sizes in designs. In addition, it is compatible with embroidery software. However, software isn't necessary for creating sophisticated embroidery layouts. Designs are easily imported through a USB and edited through the machine's advanced on-screen editing functions. Navigation through all of these features has become easier with the eXpressive 830's new LCD color touchscreen. Embroidery Features •160 built-in designs •6 Alphabets •2 and 3 letter monogramming •Color LCD touchscreen •Computerized automatic thread tension control •Built-in superior needle threader •Embroidery speed up to 860spm •Jump thread trimming •Auto return after thread break •Flexible stitch travelling •Embroidery speed control •Automatic thread cutter •Easy set bobbin •Easy bobbin winder •Bobbin thread sensor •Single or multiple colors with color change key •Edit any letter anywhere in a sequence •Horizontal / vertical alignment for letters •Monograms - 2 letters and 3 letters with 4 styles of frames •Edit features •Combine designs and alphabets •Rotate, resize, mirror image, face to face •Move by drag and drop •Zoom in edit window •Copy and Paste •Arc and combine designs •Cornering layout, single color sewing, thread color change, grouping and customizing display colors •Design embroidery information •Skipping and color overview •Remaining embroidery time in minutes •Trace key •Stitch counter •5 LED lights in 3 locations •Memory •Direct PC link for design transfer •Save onto machine or USB key •Name files •Save, recall, overwrite, delete •Set preferences •Inches / millimeters •Sound - adjust volume or turn off •Adjust eco mode •Thread selection - Robinson-Anton, Madeira, Mettler •On-screen information key STANDARD ACCESSORIES •RE28b hoop "A" (200 x 280mm) •SQ20b hoop "B" (200 x 200mm) •RE20b hoop "B" (140 x 200mm) •SQ14b hoop "B" (140 x 140mm) •Hat hoop and ASQ quilting hoop (optional) •Standard Accessories include embroidery scissors, additional spool pin, a set of embroidery needles, touch panel stylus, special bobbin holder for embroidery, bobbin holder cleaner, templat sheet, key icon reference chart, PC software with installation sheet, and USB cable TECHNICAL FEATURES •Color LCD touch screen - 62.8mm x 110.9mm (2 1/2" x 41/2") •USB Port •Built-in needle threader •Thread sensor •Presser bar sensor •Extra high presser foot lift •Needle plate with small needle entry hole only •Rotary horizontal hook with transparent bobbin cover •Built-in carriage •Dust cover •13 languages •Universal voltage

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