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ELNA 5200 new model 2012 520EX

ELNA 5200 new model 2012 520EX

455.00 €
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Apraksts: ELNA 5200 new model 2012 520EX

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eXperience 520 (Elna 5200) Fun for everyone with the new eXperience 520 and eXperience 540. These versatile machines can handle any fabric - no matter how tough. So start right here, right now, and create your own personalized wardrobe. Customize it, recycle it, transform it any way you want; your Elna adapts to every mood, every style. Denim has resisted every fashion cycle for generations; today, fashionistas are recycling and reinterpreting it. Team up with an eXperience 520 or eXperience 540 and the job's already half-done. Elna's new models are simple, speedy, responsive and fun to use - and equipped with the very latest technology. They're a fresh and inspirational addition to your world - brand new symbols of a society that's constantly reinventing itself. TECHNICAL FEATURES Adjustable foot pressure Built-in needle threader Adjustable speed control Manual thread tension control Strong needle penetration on all fabrics Extra-high presser foot lift Clip-on presser feet Rotary horizontal hook with transparent bobbin cover Auto declutch bobbin winder Built-in thread cutter Metric and inch seam allowance lines Free arm Feed dog system Electronic foot control Retractable carry handle KEYS AND SCREENS Programmable needle up / down key Auto lock stitch key - end of pattern / lock stitch Reverse key 4 direct selection keys LCD screen - displays stitch number, width or length SEWING FEATURES 30 built-in stitches including buttonholes, quilting, patchwork and fancy stitches 6 one-step buttonholes: classic, jeans, etc. Automatic selection of optimal stitch length and width Adjustable stitch width up to 7mm Adjustable stitch length up to 5mm

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